Thursday, July 2, 2009

The sweetest and cutest Doxies EVER!

We are 9 month old Dachshunds. We are the result of breeding double/dapple Dachshunds. Chloe is mostly blind (can see some light) and deaf. Buddy is blind in one eye and can hear well enough for the both them! We both have GREAT noses! We would like to stay together, we love each other very much. We LOVE children and get along fine with cats and dogs. The adoption fee for the two is $300. We will be at Lexi Dog Boutique and Social Club in the Pearl. The address is 416 NW 10th Ave., Portland. The phone number is 503-243-6200.
Everyone at LexiDog has fallen in love with these guys! You have to meet them to see how wonderful they are!