Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Having Fun At Macadam!!!

Ever wonder what your dog does at daycare during the day? We thought we would give you a picture view of a day in daycare!!!

They Meet New Friends.

They Wrestle.

They Catch Up With Old Friends.

They Play King Of The Blocks.

They Love Going Outside! Here They Are Waiting To Go Outside.

And Enjoying A Sunny Day.

Sun Bathing Is Nice Too.

And They Love The Employees!

After A Morning Of Fun It's Naptime.

Really, In The Bathtub?

How About On A Nice Bed Instead.

And After Naptime, You Guessed It, Time To Wrestle Again!!!

And That's A Day Of Daycare At LexiDog :)


  1. Cute! Tré in the bath-tub... classic.

  2. I love this "Day in the Life of a LexiDog!" How fun!